So you’re interested in joining Sealcode! Congratulations, you’re already accepted :handshake:

Use this guide to get to know our community and the tools we use.

1. Sign up to the Forum

If you haven’t already, sign up to this very forum!

2. Join our chats

We use Matrix and Telegram for various group chats. They are mostly optional, but there are some recommended ones. See the list here:

3. Say hello!

Introduce yourself briefly to the community in this thread. If possible, write the introduction in English :uk: – Polish is fine, as well. Tell us how you stumbled upon Sealcode, and what are your goals and aspirations :fire:

4. Meet us in person!

We meet offline in Poznań every Thursday. If you can, grab your laptop, come by and say hi! It’s a good opportunity to get help if you need assistance with setting things up. Learn more in here:

5. Get to know our open-source projects

Have a look at what’s going on in the Open Source category on the Forum. This will give you an idea of what’s currently brewing in Sealcode. Also, take a look at the subcategories there:

Each subcategory contains a thread that goes into more detail on what the project is about

6. Learn about our events

Be sure to check out the Events category, and if you’re in Poznań, pay close attention to the Sealcodings thread. Sealcodings are offline code-togethers that happen on a weekly basis.

7. Check out Sealhub!

Sealhub is the place where we host our git repositories, tasks, and where we do code review. Create an account there. You can sign up with email or with your GitHub account.

The most important view is the Kanban · Workboard. You can always access it via the handy bookmark:

All currently worked on tasks are tracked there. For exploration, take a look at:

Some tasks (especially commercial ones) will not be visible to you before yo get full access. To get full access, send a DM to @kuba-orlik.

8. Start coding, or learning, or learning by coding! :keyboard:


It’s best to learn by doing. However, if you’d like to first learn a bit of theory before that, be sure to check out The Learning Path Challenge 🛤


If you want to have a go at programming something, but you don’t want to work on a specific task yet, have a go at the so-called “Recruitment task”:


Te above task is not easy! It is not designed to test your programming skills. It is designed to test your ability to ask questions and collaborate. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and reach out for help, whenever you feel stuck!

Pick a task!

If you’ve found a task that you’ve found interesting, go at it! Assign yourself to that task and move it to the “doing” column in the Kanban board. If you need any help with the task - that’s 100% ok! We’re all about learning here, so don’t be afraid of picking up tasks that may feel slightly “out of your league” for now. We will help you learn everything you need :muscle:

To learn how to submit changes for review, read on the “Phase 1” part of Coding and review workflow