Matrix and Telegram groups

In addition to the forum, many Sealcode-related group chats on Matrix and Telegram have sprouted throughout the years. They usually don’t concern code and our projects, it’s just a lively place to discuss topics outside of Sealcode (and share memes!)

The group chats are bridged across Matrix and Telegram. Thanks to that you can keep up with all the synchronous conversations going on, no matter which of those two platforms fits you better. You can use just Matrix, or just Telegram, or both.

If you use Matrix, you can join to the space containing all the Sealcode chats with this link:

Sealcode-related groups

Below are the links to groups that are most Sealcode-related. It is recommended to join each of them:

  • General · Matrix · Telegram – for discussing general Sealcode stuff, and also topics not covered by any other chat or Forum category
  • Organizational · Matrix · Telegram – for urgent matters, scheduling events, etc.; Many important announcments from Forum are forwarded there, so it’s highly recommended to join this one
  • SealTechMatrix · Telegram – where we discuss various tech questions outside of programming. Need help picking a CPU for your next computer build, or maybe there’s something wrong with your Linux setup? Treat it as your tech support group.

Topical groups

Here are some more topical groups:

  • SealMemesMatrix · Telegram – for sharing memes!
  • SealmacsMatrix · Telegram – for those learning or using Emacs;
  • Crack The (seal) CodeMatrix – discussions on cybersecurity and cryptography;
  • SealAwww – for sharing pictures of cute dogs other fluffy animals;
  • SealMoto: Matrix · Telegram – discussions about cars, motorcycles;
  • SealGaming – discussions about video games;
  • SealEnglish – discussions about learning and speaking English;
  • Sealientists – for science stuff. New research, questions, etc.
  • SealLegal – for discussing legal matters
  • SealMealMatrix · Telegram – culinary discussions, and sharing photos of meals we made;
  • SealFitnessMatrix · Telegram – fitness related topics. We also used to schedule offline exercise meetups in Poznań there.