The sealious-based application architecture

Sealious-based app development process consists of many moving parts, most of them have a name that starts with the “seal-” prefix. My hope with this post is to shed some light on how they interact with each other.

  • Sealious is an advanced ORM - an intermediary between the app logic and the database. It handles user sessions, registration, sending emails, access control.
  • Sealgen is a CLI tool that helps you build the front-end of your application. It comes with many templates and helper functions to create a consistently structured and efficient app.
  • Tempstream is a library for turning templates into streams. It can be used to generate streamed HTML responses for a Sealious app, but is totally independent of Sealious and can be used in any node application. Thanks to @FilipI it recently gained JSX suppport :fire:
  • Sealious Playground is a template that you can use to quickly build a web app that uses all of the above tools. Just clone the repo, use npm install and npx sealgen add-route to add a first custom route.
  • koa-responsive-image-router is a library that makes it easier to handle responsive images in a koa-based web apps. It’s not dependent on Sealious but, plays well with it, as we use Koa all across the stack. @luryxyt is adding many cool features to it, including an advanced asynchronous caching mechanism :muscle: