T2746 Support "back" and "home" buttons

This feels like the logical next step


cc @migueldar

hello, I have some questions:

  1. where those buttons should be located, and how to look, do we have some icons for them?
  2. is there any working example, what to search about?
  3. back and home buttons, but what to navigate to

Just plain buttons with text. No need to style them - we’ll be taking care of styling this in later stages. So far only prototyping

prośba o cr Login

Docs on android keys: All Android Key Events for usage with adb shell · GitHub

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buttions are working, diff updated Login

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@ziomek added some comments to D1393

question about organizing code D1393, we have in this project 3 different places where is some js code: index.html with script, mjs files, and jsx files in src folder. in such case, all the code related should stay in each of those files? for instance, js in html will be located only in this one script in html file, all js for src stays in src, etc.

Those script run in totally different contexts - one in the browser (as is the case with JSX), another one on the server.

I do think however that there might be room for improvement here. What changes would you suggest?

I will think about it.

now there is no screen

Take a peek into the network inspector. What’s the response for the screenshot image request?

hm now its working normally, I only restarted after maybe 10 min

back and home methods recently wworked, now they don’t work anymore :frowning:

Is there anything worrying in the logs in the terminal?

Are you making sure to wait until the terminal output tells you it’s ready?

yes, Im waiting when I see ‘running on 8080 port’ . But now its working fine, I don’t know why, looks similar to the issue with screen.
here is my diff D1393

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done D1393