Sealious playground eslint errors

I w’d fix those errors, but I need to know, whether here iteration is over row array keys is deliberated? @kuba-orlik

  Error  (ESLINT) @typescript-eslint/no-for-in-array
    For-in loops over arrays are forbidden. Use for-of or array.forEach

             108                if (!isTableData(tableData)) {
             109                        throw new Error("wrong table data");
             110                }
    >>>      111                for (const i in tableData.rows) {
             112                        const row = tableData.rows[i];
             113                        if (isTableRegularRow(row)) {
             114                                row.cells.push(empty_value);

Oh, missed that rule, sorry. I’m going to disable that, as it isn’t worth the effort at this time.

You can locally disable it by adding a // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-for-in-array line above that function

ok, what about this error

 Error  (ESLINT) @typescript-eslint/no-unsafe-assignment
    Unsafe assignment of an `any` value.

             129                column_index_to_remove: number
             130        ) => {
             131                const component_args = state.component_args;
    >>>      132                const tableData: TableData<unknown, unknown> = objectPath.get(component_args, arg_path);
             133                if (!isTableData(tableData)) {
             134                        throw new Error("wrong table data");
             135                }

actually tableData was type any, so I added : TableData<unknown, unknown> to tableData and there is no visible any here, but error still occur

Please also add an ignore rule for that one