Sealious changelog


ReverseSingleReference and DeepReverseSingleReference now support formatting the referenced collection fields.

For example, for a collection configuration like this:

dogs: new (class extends Collection {
	fields = {
		name: new FieldTypes.Text(),
		photos: new FieldTypes.ReverseSingleReference({
			referencing_collection: "dog_photos",
			referencing_field: "dog",
dog_photos: new (class extends Collection {
	fields = {
		dog: new FieldTypes.SingleReference("dogs"),
		photo: new FieldTypes.Image(),

You can now run

await app.collections.dogs
   .format({ photos: { photo: "url" } })
   .attach({ photos: true })

To influence the format of the photo fields in the referencing collection in the query’s output


The uploaded files endpoint now responds with a proper content-type header.

Before that, when you visited a URL for a file uploaded to a File collection field, it always responded with an application/octet-stream content type. Now it bases the mimetype in that header on the extension of the uploaded file.


Fix StructuredArray reported wrong type on .get


CollectionItem now exposes the parent_list attribute, which opens up another access to attachments for that list

Add more type information to the .serialize method in CollectionItem