Query string parameters on Sealgen form

What is the usual way of handling query string parameters with sealgen form page? I am making password reset form.

I used Sealgen to add /reset/ endpoint for my form which causes redirect from /reset?token=abc to /reset/ (without parameters).

I have also one other endpoint which uses query parameters but I forced to to accept paths without trailing slash by manually specifying it (you can see the code from link, I did’t use the path from the function argument and instead specified my own).

From what I can see from sealgen code, it automatically adds trailing slashes to everything.

Is there any way to get past this?

For reference this is the form I want to read query string parameters from. I already added valid canAccess function.

The “canonical” solution is to always use the trailing slash. Point the users to /reset/?token=abc and it should be fine.

The trailing slashes are there for a reason - it makes certain use-cases that rely on relative paths simpler, as you can create a form that points to the current URL that you’re on just by specifying action=".", so we don’t have to pass the URL down to the function that renders the form.

In the meantime, I’ll prepare a fix for that

Updated sealgen, fortunately it was a simple fix - update sealgen to v0.8.47, the redirect should now keep the query params

/reset/?token=abc seems weird and unusual but if that’s the canonical way I’ll deal with it.

“Canonical” in Sealious terms :smiley: You can now use the endpoint without trailing slash with no obstacles, I agree that it looks better :smiley: