Microsoft kupuje GitHuba

Jak już pewnie wiecie, M$ kupuje GitHuba:

Martwi mnie, co się stanie z tym serwisem - dotychczas był niesprzymierzony z żadną inną korpo, a tutaj takie bęc.

Na HN ktoś podrzucił wewnętrzne dokumenty Microsoftu o ich strategii wykończenia Linuksa:

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Skąd wiadomo że te wewnętrzne dokumenty są prawdziwe? Jeżeli chodzi o tranzycję to zanim ona się w pełni dokona to firmy takie jak Facebook z swoim Reactem czy inni zdążą się przenieść na inne platformy, robiąc lustrzanego mirrora na githubie, albo zrobią self-hosted repo.

Za artykułem:

Microsoft was forced to acknowledge its authenticity.

Myślę, że Facebookowi to nie robi. Ale myślę, że znaczna część projektów których społeczność stawia na prywatność i pamięta czyny M$ z przeszłości:

Well, you may love to forget, but a lot of us don’t.

We didn’t forget that our community was called a cancer (…)

We didn’t forget that microsoft is one of the biggest pattent troll in the world (… or…).

We didn’t forget than they litterally corrupted officials to capture markets (… and,1…)

We didn’t forget monopolistic practices (… or…)

We didn’t forget the lies ( and sabotage (

We didn’t forget they aided dictators ( or destroyed products you bought remotly (…).

We didn’t forget they force updated Win10 and all the integrated ads and spywares, after a terrible Win8 while everybody was happy with win 7.

We didn’t forget that microsoft killed rare, nokia, skype and that currently outlook is becomming less and less usable everyday.

So yeah, VSCode, Excel, TypeScript, the Xbox and C# are good products. So what ?

Unless you suddently fire everybody from MS, change their raison de vivre, and reboot them, they are still Microsoft.

Attitude like yours is why crooked politicians get reelected. Why big companies can mess up with consummers and get away with it.

People say that you can’t change the world. That you can’t do anything about what’s wrong. They feel helpless.

I’d start with stopping this habit of giving a free pass to all the entities with a disrespectful background just because they got better on some points. Or because they have a better PR.

Because they do. Half of the links I had on them were cleaned off. They are green washing them, cm by cm. Until all that remains is that they were the good guys.