Learning resouces

A thread where we collect interesting (and free) learning resources for programming, web, general IT and CS

Search engine for free courses:

Learn modern Javascript:

A collection of free learning resources for web, html, css, react, git, etc:


Learn coding by editing classic arcade games in the browser:

Effective Shell - introduction to CLI:

Interactive Typography tutorial

Games that help you learn Linux:

Free courses for over 50 languages:

Roadmaps for different types of developers:

CSS Tip: Learn CSS the easy way:

Git rebase handbook

Learn JavaScript for Beginners – JS Basics Handbook

How to start learning JavaScript

An introduction to APIs

Learn programming from the most hardcore fundamentals


Tixy tutorial - learn JS logic operators

PyFlo - The beginners guide to becoming a Python programmer


Prefetching, Preloading, and Prerendering in HTML

Open source game that teaches you Git