Error when running tests with arc diff in sealious (T2869): docker-compose not found

after commiting changes and running ‘arc diff origin/dev’ there is an error

unning unit tests...
Command failed with error #127!
npm run test-reports


> sealious@0.17.50 test-reports
> npm run instrument && docker-compose up -d db mailcatcher  && ./node_modules/.bin/nyc  --exclude "" ./node_modules/.bin/mocha --recursive --timeout=10000 --require source-map-support/register  --reporter xunit --reporter-option output=.xunit 'lib-instrumented/src/**/*.test.js' && nyc report --reporter clover --exclude ""

> sealious@0.17.50 instrument
> npm run build && rm -fr .xunit coverage lib-instrumented && ./node_modules/.bin/nyc instrument --exclude "" lib lib-instrumented

> sealious@0.17.50 build
> rm -rf ./lib && tsc

sh: 1: docker-compose: not found
**strong text**

so i don’t have ‘docker-compose’, I removed and instead installed ‘docker compose’, cuz ‘docker-compose’ caused errors in ‘sealious-playgorund’ project. however ‘npm run test-cmd’ works, tests are pasing

Yeah, the docker compose syntax is newer, but I’d rather not change the setup scripts, as it might trip up our CI infrastructure. Maybe let’s not do this in the middle of a commercial project. My current workaround is to have a script named docker-compose in my $PATH with this content:


docker compose "$@"

Maybe not the best solution, but this simple hack should fix this for you :pray:

it wrks,thanks :slight_smile: