Creating a global style file

Migrating the old scss code in the company-www repository I found that it uses the @import statement, so, previously we had a global file with all the project variables. Thus, I think it would be necessary to have on sealious-playground too, as it can improve the workflow and migration from the previous components.

Good point! I’ve been trying to come up with the most elegant solution for that.

The reason why I didn’t just create a globals.css file and recommended to put everything in there is that I think it is an opportunity to give more structure to how we design the UI and how various components share configurations.

I feel like we could set up some variables that always have to be present in an app (like --accent-color,--default-font-size, etc). This way when creating a JDD component, a developer can have certainty that those variables are present and set.

Besides that, the way CSS works in sealious-playground you can just create a css file anywhere and it will be included in the compiled stylesheet, so there’s no need for imports per se. So I guess for now we could have a global-styles directory where we can move all the non-component-specific css files from the old website. Do you think that would work from your perspective?

Yeah it does! I’ll create a directory in my next diff with that included, if there’s no problem with it :thinking:

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Sounds good! :muscle: