Changes, changes! Bringing back async communication

Moving from chat to Forum

There’s been quite a lot happening in Sealcode recently! We see some new people and a lot of progress on our internal projects. It makes me very happy - and very busy!

I used to be able to catch up with everything that’s going on and help everyone in a timely manner. This is no longer the case and my bandwidth became a significant bottleneck. One of the issues is that most of the things are done with 1-on-1 chats with me and there’s little visibility to other wonderful and helpful people in the community. This is going to change, as from now on I’m going back to only discussing Sealcode stuff on the forum – and I encourage you all to do the same :slight_smile:

When you message me on Telegram or Matrix, I’m going to politely ask you to ask this question on Forum, and then I will answer :wink:

I know the transition might be troublesome at first, and I know sometimes it’s just faster to talk using a chat app. This is why I really like using a Telegram+Forum hybrid. I highly recommend giving it a try:

I encourage you to write questions regarding tasks or diffs on the forum. In the near future Forum is going to be more tightly integrated with Sealhub. Using the Forum as the main way of communication is going to highlight areas where such integration is needed the most. Keep your eyes open wide!

I created categories for the most recent projects, and switched the forum to the new, modern layout.

Switching to English

Also, lets use English language on the forum, so we can be inclusive towards our international members! :earth_africa: :heart:

Next steps

My next steps in regard to our tools will involve translating and revamping our onboarding tutorial :teacher: Feel free to share any frustrations you may have experienced during onboarding, I’ll be sure to iron those out!