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As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other?

2019-05-21, Prepared by Stanisław Gołębiewski

Reading Materials

Ważne! Jeżeli napotkacie jakieś słownictwo/wyrażenia które sprawiają Wam problem, zanotujcie je i przynieście na spotkanie!

Watch the following TED talk given by Sherry Turkle, author of book “Alone Together”:

Całość obowiązkowo oglądamy z angielskimi napisami, może w tym pomóc dostępny tryb transkybcji na żywo dostępny pod zakładką ‘Transcript’.

1. Vocabulary

Translate the below words to English using the vocabulary from the talk:

Słowa oznaczone [!] to słowa o podchwytliwej pisowni. Za ich angielskie przeliterowanie na głos (bez patrzenia!) należy się dodatkowy sealtoken ;)

2. Complete the sentences

Complete the sentences with the words/phrases from Task 1

NOTE: “~” tutaj nic nie znaczy, jest tylko śladem po formatowaniu

  1. He’s not here, you should look for him ~_________. 2.-I heard that John broke up with Sue. Wow, that’s so awkward, given the ~________ they had shared.
  2. This vegan cake looks ~_________. Can I have a ~___?
  3. We have noticed an overwhelming ~______ for our services. Maybe we should hire additional worker?
  4. She is so good at maths, she probably have an innate ~________ for mathematics.
  5. I had really hard time finding ~_____ ~_____ for my computer after it had broken last week.
  6. Changing the world for better and being open to new ideas, that’s the ~_______ for our group!
  7. The ~__________ stage of life is an awkward one, you have a lot of energy and time, but no money.
  8. They didn’t allow you do present you idea, you might have felt a little ~_____________ then.
  9. This algorithm is so graceful, it ~________ fairness of combinatorial algorithms!

3. Discussion

Prepare to answer the following questions:

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